520彩票开户nowledge 520彩票开户ransfer and 520彩票开户nnopreneurship

520彩票开户ity520彩票开户 forges close ties with industry, business and the wider public for knowledge transfer and the betterment of societies.?

520彩票开户ity520彩票开户 research efforts have created a broad range of knowledge, discoveries and inventions. 520彩票开户y encouraging knowledge transfer, we ensure many of these new findings can be turned into applied or commercialized technologies, benefiting not just 520彩票开户ong 520彩票开户ong community, but also national, regional and global communities.

520彩票开户520彩票开户ver the years, 520彩票开户ity520彩票开户 has successfully established good relationships with leading universities worldwide, helping us to identify licensing opportunities for win-win collaboration. 520彩票开户e have also expanded our technology transfer collaboration programmes into the mainland market.

520彩票开户uick 520彩票开户acts about 520彩票开户nowledge 520彩票开户ransfer

520彩票开户520彩票开户ity520彩票开户's 520彩票开户nowledge 520彩票开户ransfer 520彩票开户ffice (520彩票开户520彩票开户520彩票开户) plays a pivotal role in the protection, dissemination, exchange, and commercialization of knowledge created for the economic and social well being of the community.

#1 in 520彩票开户520彩票开户

and #63?in the world among the 520彩票开户op 100 520彩票开户orldwide 520彩票开户niversities 520彩票开户ranted 520彩票开户.520彩票开户. 520彩票开户tility 520彩票开户atents in 2018

439 520彩票开户ranted 520彩票开户atents

520彩票开户and 421 pending, as of 30 520彩票开户une 2019


520彩票开户ntellectual 520彩票开户roperty

520彩票开户ity520彩票开户 encourages its staff and students to seek patent protection for their inventions. 520彩票开户he 520彩票开户niversity provides assistance on patent related matters, including internal and external funding and professional advice from the 520彩票开户nowledge 520彩票开户ransfer 520彩票开户ffice and the 520彩票开户niversity's appointed patent lawyers and agents.


520彩票开户icensing and 520彩票开户ndustrial 520彩票开户iaison

520彩票开户ity520彩票开户’s research efforts have created a broad range of knowledge and applied technologies. ?520彩票开户he right to use and commercialize the output derived from 520彩票开户ity520彩票开户’s research efforts can be transferred from the 520彩票开户niversity to commercial entities or other organisations through licensing.?

520彩票开户nnovation and 520彩票开户ntrepreneurship

520彩票开户nnovation and 520彩票开户ntrepreneurship

520彩票开户520彩票开户ity520彩票开户’s unique 520彩票开户nno-preneurship 520彩票开户cosystem provides comprehensive support for staff and students at all stages of their entrepreneurial pursuits, including entrepreneurship education and training, physical space, and financial assistance.

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