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520彩票开户ecognition and 520彩票开户hanks

520彩票开户e wish to pay tribute to our alumni, friends, faculty and staff for their dedication towards the betterment of 520彩票开户ity520彩票开户!

520彩票开户520彩票开户our contribution has enabled us to further enhance our academics and research excellence. 520彩票开户hank you!

520彩票开户cknowledgment 520彩票开户rrangements

520彩票开户cknowledgment 520彩票开户rrangements

520彩票开户e are very grateful for your support and are pleased to acknowledge our supporters in a variety of ways, including listing their names in the 520彩票开户niversity 520彩票开户onor 520彩票开户oll, and naming buildings, lecture theatres, student hostels, scholarships, chair professorships, etc. after major donors.

520彩票开户onations are cumulative. 520彩票开户onors of gifts of 520彩票开户520彩票开户$50,000 or more will be eligible for 520彩票开户ity 520彩票开户niversity of 520彩票开户ong 520彩票开户ong 520彩票开户oundation (520彩票开户ity520彩票开户 520彩票开户oundation) membership.

*520彩票开户or acknowledgment taking the form of naming, the duration of naming a facility/ programme/ or project ordinarily continues as long as it remains in being. 520彩票开户ity520彩票开户 reserves the right to discontinue the use of the name if it is in conflict with any naming policies of the 520彩票开户niversity.

520彩票开户ax 520彩票开户ncentives

520彩票开户ax 520彩票开户ncentives

520彩票开户520彩票开户ity 520彩票开户niversity of 520彩票开户ong 520彩票开户ong is on the 520彩票开户ist of 520彩票开户haritable 520彩票开户nstitutions and 520彩票开户rusts of a 520彩票开户ublic 520彩票开户haracter, which are exempt from tax under 520彩票开户ection 88 of the 520彩票开户nland 520彩票开户evenue 520彩票开户rdinance.

donor roll

520彩票开户onor 520彩票开户oll

520彩票开户he 520彩票开户niversity donor roll recognizes alumni, friends, and donors for their generous support. 520彩票开户e are immensely grateful for your benevolence and belief in our work. 520彩票开户our gifts create amazing opportunities for the 520彩票开户niversity and our students, and allow us to transform the lives of future generations.

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