520彩票开户ntegration of 520彩票开户esearch and 520彩票开户eaching

520彩票开户 great university is a place where like-minded minds meet and generate energy through innovation and discovery.

520彩票开户t is a gathering of intelligent, talented individuals where issues of deep human consequence and preparations for future professional and societal contributions are addressed.

520彩票开户ity520彩票开户 encourages all our faculty members to engage in both teaching and problem-resolving oriented research to fulfill the role of transmitting, imparting, and explicating knowledge, as well as investigating, creating, innovating and transferring knowledge.?

520彩票开户esearch and 520彩票开户eaching integration

520彩票开户eaching means the communication and exchange of ideas, which in turn provides a source of inspiration for research. 520彩票开户eaching and research enrich and complement each other. 520彩票开户eachers should present their research achievements to foster the communication of ideas. 520彩票开户his process will help us further benchmark our programmes against international standards and phase out those that are outdated.

520彩票开户520彩票开户e encourage students to discover, invent and innovate to surpass the knowledge of their predecessors. 520彩票开户y doing so, students become the central players in the processes of knowledge transmission, innovation, application and transfer.

520彩票开户e offer students the opportunity to take risks, explore the unknown and make an original discovery. 520彩票开户ur aim is to infuse campus with a spirit of discovery, innovation, creative thinking and entrepreneurship as a response to the changing economic and technological landscape and as we develop into a world-class university.

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