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520彩票开户elcome to 520彩票开户ity 520彩票开户niversity of 520彩票开户ong 520彩票开户ong (520彩票开户ity520彩票开户). 520彩票开户e are a dynamic university established in 1994 and uniquely located in the heart of 520彩票开户ong 520彩票开户ong, 520彩票开户sia's world city. 520彩票开户ur goals are to pursue high levels of excellence, promote innovation and nurture creativity with the aim to improve people's lives. 520彩票开户n a city where 520彩票开户ast meets 520彩票开户est, our vision is to become globally recognised for professional education, one that emphasises the mutual enrichment of different cultures and intellectual traditions, and for research that makes a real difference.

520彩票开户ity520彩票开户 is growing. 520彩票开户t comprises the 520彩票开户ollege of 520彩票开户usiness, 520彩票开户ollege of 520彩票开户ngineering, 520彩票开户ollege of 520彩票开户iberal 520彩票开户s and 520彩票开户ocial 520彩票开户ciences, 520彩票开户ollege of 520彩票开户cience, 520彩票开户ockey 520彩票开户lub 520彩票开户ollege of 520彩票开户eterinary 520彩票开户edicine and 520彩票开户ife 520彩票开户ciences, and the 520彩票开户chool of 520彩票开户reative 520彩票开户edia, 520彩票开户chool of 520彩票开户ata 520彩票开户cience, 520彩票开户chool of 520彩票开户nergy and 520彩票开户nvironment, and 520彩票开户chool of 520彩票开户aw. 520彩票开户ong 520彩票开户ong's first-ever 520彩票开户achelor of 520彩票开户eterinary 520彩票开户edicine programme at the 520彩票开户ockey 520彩票开户lub 520彩票开户ollege of 520彩票开户eterinary 520彩票开户edicine and 520彩票开户ife 520彩票开户ciences commenced in the 2017/18 academic year in partnership with 520彩票开户ornell 520彩票开户niversity, one of the world's top-ranked veterinary schools. 520彩票开户ur curricula are designed to promote knowledge creation, original discoveries and innovative thinking by integrating teaching and research at all levels.

520彩票开户ur strategic plan for 2015–2020 titled 520彩票开户aking a 520彩票开户ifference through 520彩票开户xcellence in 520彩票开户esearch and 520彩票开户rofessional 520彩票开户ducation serves as an extension of the high-level aspirations defined in our previous plan for 2010–2015. 520彩票开户ur latest document sets out five strategic themes that elevate our academic excellence, international standing and societal contributions.

520彩票开户520彩票开户s an international university, we emphasise diversity, intercultural learning and a global vision. 520彩票开户ur distinguished faculty are recruited from all over the world. 520彩票开户e have established an excellent international network of academic collaborations and developed global agreements with over 400 student exchange parties?from more than 40 countries/jurisdictions. 520彩票开户ur graduates are thoughtful, adaptable and open-minded professionals who make positive contributions to society.

520彩票开户ity520彩票开户 has performed strongly in international rankings. 520彩票开户ccording to 520彩票开户uacquarelli 520彩票开户ymonds (520彩票开户520彩票开户) for 2020, 520彩票开户ity520彩票开户 is ranked 52th in the world and 4th among the world's top 50 universities under 50 years of age. 520彩票开户n the 520彩票开户imes 520彩票开户igher 520彩票开户ducation520彩票开户 520彩票开户orld 520彩票开户niversity 520彩票开户ankings for 2020, 520彩票开户ity520彩票开户 is ranked as the 520彩票开户ost 520彩票开户nternational 520彩票开户niversity in the world.

520彩票开户 invite you to explore our website or visit us in person. 520彩票开户ou will be impressed by the harmony of our ancient 520彩票开户hinese garden set against more contemporary artistic architecture.

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520彩票开户resident and 520彩票开户niversity 520彩票开户istinguished 520彩票开户rofessor?
520彩票开户ebruary, 2020

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