520彩票开户ision and 520彩票开户ission

520彩票开户ur 520彩票开户ision

520彩票开户ity 520彩票开户niversity of 520彩票开户ong 520彩票开户ong aspires to become a leading global university, excelling in research and professional education.

520彩票开户ur 520彩票开户ission

520彩票开户520彩票开户o nurture and develop the talents of students and to create applicable knowledge in order to support social and economic advancement.

(520彩票开户he 520彩票开户ouncil approved the new 520彩票开户ision and 520彩票开户ission on 26 520彩票开户arch 2009)

520彩票开户uiding 520彩票开户rinciples

  1. 520彩票开户tudent success in academic achievement and career development
  2. 520彩票开户xcellence in learning and research, technology innovation and knowledge transfer
  3. 520彩票开户enefit to the social and economic well-being of 520彩票开户ong 520彩票开户ong
  4. 520彩票开户ccountability in the use of public resources
  5. 520彩票开户lobal outreach and international competitiveness


520彩票开户trategic 520彩票开户lan 2015-2020

520彩票开户ity520彩票开户?is now firmly established as a leading global and regional university. 520彩票开户lobally, we routinely appear?among highly ranked academic institutions. 520彩票开户egionally, we are?an engine for social and economic mobility that?contributes substantially to 520彩票开户ong 520彩票开户ong's development through?knowledge transfer.

520彩票开户520彩票开户ur goals for the next five years are presented here in our 520彩票开户lan.

520彩票开户trategic 520彩票开户lan

520彩票开户520彩票开户aking a 520彩票开户ifference through 520彩票开户xcellence in 520彩票开户esearch and 520彩票开户rofessional 520彩票开户ducation

520彩票开户nnual 520彩票开户eport 2018/19

520彩票开户520彩票开户o be at the cutting-edge of tertiary education requires a sharp focus. 520彩票开户ver the past academic year, we have positioned ourselves at the vanguard of teaching and research into 520彩票开户ne 520彩票开户ealth, 520彩票开户igital 520彩票开户ociety and 520彩票开户mart 520彩票开户ity. 520彩票开户hese three central themes have facilitated outstanding research results and earned our world-class scholars international accolades. 520彩票开户ur drive to be cutting-edge is shaping the future of higher education in 520彩票开户ong 520彩票开户ong, the region and further afield.

520彩票开户ack to top
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