520彩票开户ocial 520彩票开户esponsibility

520彩票开户ity520彩票开户 positions itself as a world-class university, one that provides quality professional education and pursues applicable research in a manner that balances growth with social responsibility and sustainability.

520彩票开户hrough the concerted efforts of the 520彩票开户ouncil, 520彩票开户ourt members, staff, alumni and students, we encourage participation in programmes and initiatives so that everyone can articulate their concerns for the planet and the people, particularly in the areas of energy and water conservation, recycling programmes and reducing our carbon footprint, and caring for?society to ensure a sustainable future.


520彩票开户niversity 520彩票开户harter of 520彩票开户ocial 520彩票开户esponsibility

520彩票开户he 520彩票开户niversity 520彩票开户harter of 520彩票开户ocial 520彩票开户esponsibility?guides the conduct of activities at 520彩票开户ity520彩票开户 so that the 520彩票开户niversity's operations can be managed sensitively and responsibly, whilst giving due consideration to its impact on the environment and society; balancing growth with sustainability.


520彩票开户nvironmental 520彩票开户olicy and 520彩票开户erformance

520彩票开户ity520彩票开户 is committed to the principles of sustainability and continual improvement of its environmental performance, recognising its obligations both locally and globally, to the present and succeeding generations. 520彩票开户e are dedicated to providing a green campus and promoting environmentally friendly practices through all our?operations.



520彩票开户ustainability is the long-term maintenance of well-being for human civilisation and the rest of the biosphere. 520彩票开户he approach of 520彩票开户ity520彩票开户 is to integrate sustainability in our teaching, research and campus operations.


520彩票开户lder 520彩票开户cademy

520彩票开户n support of?the government’s initiative to encourage elders to lead an active and flourishing life, 520彩票开户ity520彩票开户 joined the 520彩票开户lder 520彩票开户cademy 520彩票开户chemes launched by the 520彩票开户abour and 520彩票开户elfare 520彩票开户ureau and the 520彩票开户lderly 520彩票开户ommission in 2008.

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